Punkte à Ars Electronica

le 25 juin 2024

Dans le cadre du festival Ars Electronica Garden, Punkte performera en direct de 18 h à 20 h

de Mercredi 8 à samedi 11 septembre.

Punkte (.–. ..- -. .-. – .) is an eight-headed chimera researching and working within the field of sound, and beyond. As part of the post-graduate « Arts and Sound creation » 2021-2022 session at l’ENSA Bourges (school of arts), we aim to reconsider the relationship between fine arts and sound matters.

Our name, Punkte, is a tribute to Ursula Bogner, scientist in the pharmaceuticals sector and composer (Recordings 1969 – 1988), who, perhaps, never existed. It is also a nod to the action video Punkt (2006) in which Roman Signer, filmed in profile, seated in front of a blank canvas, waits for the explosion of the firecracker behind him to surprise him and set him in motion.

From Bourges, in central France, we, Punkte, invite  you to join us in our performances, concerts and games. During four days:  two hours per day and one evening, we’ll stream using a chaos of radio voices, flutes, revox, metal plates, screams and whispers to fabricate the unexpected.

We, the misshapen child of Ursula, will spit out flames and take you on a journey between disheveled rhythms, eccentric sounds and magnetic voices.

Coproduit avec l’Antre-peaux de Bourges